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There were four of us

Not the usual Community Group last night: through the day, person after person called to say they couldn't make it. Once that number went over half, I called the rest and cancelled. At 7, Nate and Heather (who didn't think she could make it) arrived. We talked, walked, and prayed together. Heather is usually so quiet on Thursdays; these were also exactly the people I'd choose to be with when I'm feeling burdened and can't talk about it. Jesus was, without a doubt, present with us.

Added a few interests and friends to my LJ profile last night. People can be interesting, and I want to be. Besides, Señor Misterioso cannot be denied.

Feeling a serious inclination to blow off work for the day, but there are too many things which require my attention. That's OK; that's why it's a job. And usually I feel better once I go into the office. If I didn't, I'd be worked up about it all day.

I pray my skin is healing. Sometimes the itching and pain are maddening.

When will I learn to live in God?

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