Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Another early awakening, probably better understood as fitful sleep. When I'm get out of bed just after 5 am after returning to sleep a couple of times, something doesn't seem right. And that sounds pretty accurate.

Glad Nate is coming by today and that Community Group is tonight, yet both will be frustrating, not because of the people, but because some of the weightiest matters of my heart cannot be spoken to any of them. Secrets and lies-- I am tired of both. I hope that yesterday's discovery of the proverbial smoking gun will bring some resolution.

My skin is having a serious outbreak of something, making me itchy and ugly. The timing just seems so poor to me.

Brownie just arrived. She's perky in the mornings, and not in a fake way.

I want to trade my chaos for order, my exhaustion for rest, and my busyness for faithfulness.
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