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Cease fire

A purple-garbed woman at an adjacent table has a piece of cardboard she placed between her rear and the seat of the chair. She has moved two smaller tables together to create a larger surface, and has also placed three empty chairs around the table. When another customer tried to pull one of the unoccupied chairs for use in another location, she was met with an assertive, "Excuse me! I need that." from the purple one, who is consistently checking her watch and adjusting her cardboard. She's now gone outside to shout greetings to someone. If they come to join her, an interesting conversation may be in the offing.

In the meantime, I suppose I should write of my own life in my journal. Sunday night's party at Conor Byrne Pub was a smashing success, with great music, wall-to-wall people, and only three incidents of minor drama (one literal) to my knowledge. lifeofbrian should know that Paul Mumaw was a complete rock star, in the requisite leather jacket with a beer and mostly-smoked cigarette sitting on the stool next to him. allysonkalea may also be interested to know that this was Shannon Stephens' first live show in some time; she also thinks it may have been her best. I hope she starts playing more.

I was a workhorse on Monday, with a few frustrations but no crisis territory. Yesterday evening was yet another Staff Meeting, punctuated by a Seana-the-Drink-Slinger-initiated discussion of Abercrombie and Fitch's recent offenses against Asians and Asian-Americans with the table next to us (A&F, controversial? Couldn't possibly be part of their marketing plan to frat rats and wannabes across the country...). Adding to the flavor, two gentlemen at the next table spoke with English accents. Truly a crystalline snapshot of the tavern as a community gathering place.

Which brings me to today, the day off. Yet again I was tempted to work (and actually did complete one errand), but instead slept much of the day. Taking the day off is a healthier precedent by far. Besides which, Seattle is absolutely gorgeous today. If anyone thinks that's hyperbole, they clearly aren't here in Seattle.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, my inner life isn't ideal right now. But I'm feeling relaxed and am too desperate for that simple feeling to allow it to be disrupted in the rare moments of its emergence. Faith and peace are going to have to be bigger than my world, and thankfully, they are.

P.S. The purple lady's party has arrived, and they're all engaged in a dramatic read-through of a screenplay. All hail the oddity of artists.

P.P.S. Happy birthday, wing!


I dunno if that makes me happy knowing that Paul Mumaw smokes and drinks a lot. Glad the music was good though :)
Oh, I hope I didn't leave the wrong impression: he had a beer and a cigarette. I don't really know what quantity beyond that. It was good to hear so many new people say, "This is your church?" I think Seattle needs to see Christians that are in this world, though not of it-- that's one of the ways this city will look more like the City of God.


Yeah.. absolutely. Well at the same rate I realize I go out for beers on occasion which by people at my church would see as not necessarily the best thing. However I realize that Jesus is always there, and that if I'm representing around my brothers and sisters in christ, then i should certainly represent Him in the world.
i wondered where she went.
i've never seen her live, but
would like to someday (soon?), but
did you know she & i are alumni from the same college?
i don't know why this fascinates me so.
i guess i hope the creativity is contagious.

& sufjan stevens is from hope too! such rockstars are cultivated there.
I hope you do get to see her soon. Did you know that:
  1. I almost worked at Hope from 1995-1998 (I took a position with Central College instead)?
  2. Shannon is a friend of mine from church, and also had my job at the church before me (she just seems too talented to be someone I actually know)?
We cultivate our fair share of rockstars at church, too (Pedro the Lion, Wes Dando, Rockstar Crush, Paul Mumaw, and so on).
you worked at Central? I applied to go there. I didn;t go of course, I wanted out of the midwest and wasn;t quite ready for that.
Thanks :)