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Hamster wheel

Just home from the office-- a fuller day of work than even a weekday. In at 6:30 am, out around 5:45 pm. Sent the last of the quarterly schedules, prepped and had Finance Team meeting, good talk with Erick, prepped tapes for mailing, and reset e-mail on our new server. Got to have a good IM conversation with Christopher as well; brought him up to speed on things I've been struggling with of late. It's good to have a friend.

Thursday was Seattle University day of sorts: lunch with Matt, then chance encounters with two Marks (Melnyk and Shaw) on the walk home. God looks out for me, I think, because I never seem to bump into those people who would make me really uncomfortable.

Realizing that, in my morning stupor, I neglected to use deodorant today. I am slightly funky. Oops.