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Morning conversations

happy2beso, Jen at Victrola told me she thinks you have the prettiest eyes. I told her I'd tell you.

Third day straight of being up before 6 am. It's been good, especially as a space to be with God with the things that are burdening my heart. Maybe it's crazy, but I hope it continues.

While reading at Victrola, the man at the next table noticed I had a Bible and asked me to read Judges 6:24 to him. Turns out he's one of the pastors at Westminster Presbyterian and had forgotten his travel Bible.

Meanwhile, I had been reading in Job, and earlier this morning I read in 1 Timothy. Both had much for me to consider, some of it quite difficult. Yet, there's comfort in that-- God is showing up.

Today will be a long work day, with services, then finances, then class. I think working through the day at my pace will go well, though. And if a nap is required, the couch in my pastor's office is available.


I never knew Oprah (or a derivative of it) was a location mentioned in the Bible. You learn something knew everyday.
I almost laughed aloud when I read that part to him. In the Oprah Book Club translation, she's on the cover and her name is substituted for God, Lord, Jesus, Christ, Holy Spirit, etc.

(I love Judges. Huzzah for Ehud the left-handed judge. It would make a great action flick.)

Please extend to Jen my thanks. She seemed like such a sweet person.