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Morning conversations

happy2beso, Jen at Victrola told me she thinks you have the prettiest eyes. I told her I'd tell you.

Third day straight of being up before 6 am. It's been good, especially as a space to be with God with the things that are burdening my heart. Maybe it's crazy, but I hope it continues.

While reading at Victrola, the man at the next table noticed I had a Bible and asked me to read Judges 6:24 to him. Turns out he's one of the pastors at Westminster Presbyterian and had forgotten his travel Bible.

Meanwhile, I had been reading in Job, and earlier this morning I read in 1 Timothy. Both had much for me to consider, some of it quite difficult. Yet, there's comfort in that-- God is showing up.

Today will be a long work day, with services, then finances, then class. I think working through the day at my pace will go well, though. And if a nap is required, the couch in my pastor's office is available.

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