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All over the map

Don't say anything bad about me.

How could I? Just back from coffee and a walk-and-talk with Lara. Good to meet her; she's as energetic and friendly as I had imagined. I hope she gets many job offers from which to choose-- any school will be lucky to have her.

Up at 5:00 again; strange on my day off. Working through anger now, part of grieving some recent life losses (denial was brought to an abrupt halt yesterday). Went into the office be productive and tie up loose ends from yesterday. Beginning to settle into my new office and move some of my ex-boss' things aside. Most cathartic.

Great nap as well in the early afternoon. I may not have a ton of rest, but what I've had is sweet.


Did she have her interview?
Yup, Thursday and Friday. Sounds like she felt good about it.
It's so great that Lara met you. She's a great girl. Down here she was pretty calm most of the time. The trick is to get her car sick.
She mentioned that...good thing I don't have a car.
I'm so glad to have met you. You are gentle just as I'd imagined.


Oh, and that was the best latte I've had in months!