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Beating sunrise

My sleep was over at 5 this morning. Took time to pray, a personal discipline far too long neglected. My waking-up prayers are fuzzy and scattered, like a morning conversation with a lover. What an affront to believe my Abba would receive them with anything less than His love for Jesus!

Shocking pinks in the eastern sky as I read in 2 Samuel, with low clouds shuttling across the sky in perfect time with one another. My morning coffee was good.

The day will likely be concerned with loose ends and their tying, how many and which. I could easily have enough work to carry me through Saturday, but unfinished tasks are not callings simply because they are unfinished. May I be called to His work and rest in His love, both in their measure.

happy2beso is here in Seattle this weekend, interviewing for a Residence Life Coordinator position at Seattle Pacific. I pray her time is fruitful and rich, and look forward to meeting her tomorrow.


Rad.. she gets to enjoy learning all the campus acronyms that go along with this school :)

Aren't those a riot? Every campus I worked at when I was in the higher ed field had its own overgrown garden of acronyms. Part of the character...:)


That's true. RLC's are a such a blessing to have in the halls. My freshman year was so nerve racking. I had an unstable, depressed, bi-polar roommate for first quarter. They seriously are a great source of wisdom, counseling, and prayer to have. I think some people look at them as merely bringers of policy, etc which doesn't at all reflect the entire domain of their positions.
I'm glad to hear that. Residence life was actually my field, and I lived in residence halls at various colleges and universities for eight of my nine years. Seeing the work as a mission field and a sacred trust made all the difference. The privilege of joining others in the context of their lives is awesome, in both the intimidating and amazing sense of the word. Sometimes even incarnational ministry.
Oh, it wasn't much worse than any other school really. =)

I enjoyed my time on campus, btw. What a beautiful area and great community. I'd be blessed to be able to be a part of it.


Glad your stay was good. SPU is a great school, in a great city.

You missed the awesome sunshine we're having today.

If you have any questions for a graduating 'insider'.... feel free to ask. I'm gonna be outta here in 53days.. woohoo!!
you get to meet her?

I want her to come to bellingham so I can meet her. She is such a great girl.
Let's pray for her today-- if she moves to Seattle, Bellingham is just a hop (maybe an M's game?).


I'll pray for her for sure.

And I love watching the Mariners. That would be great
i haven't really prayed in so long.

your experience seems peaceful.