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Sometimes I'm in the mood...

...and sometimes I'm not. Now I'm not. And it's terrible, I know, but I'm all out of compassion and patience for the moment, so I'm not appreciating the lovely socio-economic and mental health diversity of my neighborhood. So for right now, I just want everyone to stop asking me for money when they're strung out, stop shuffling around with wild eyes, stop dressing up in women's clothing and makeup if you're a man, stop mumbling incoherently. Just stop being crazy. And if you are going to be crazy, then please just stop being in front of me all the time.

(I'm awful)


There must have been another screaming woman on your walk home this day. Maybe the women really aren't screaming; maybe you have an extrasensory perception when it comes to women, like Mel Gibson in that piece-of-trash movie with Helen Hunt. Ever thought about that? :-D
More than you know.