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Independence Day

Quite excited for today. Though my (ex-)boss is coming in, it will also be the first official day without her. And though I love her dearly as a friend, professionally, it feels like Christmas. Or, more precisely, Independence Day. So many things can be done more effectively and smoothly, without the panic and jerkiness of the prior administration. A simple sense of peace will be wonderful, a good foundation on which to build productivity.

Since I didn't do book facilitation last night, I was free to enjoy class time, especially with Heather. She is a very gifted listener, though (and perhaps because) she doesn't realize it. Compassionate ministry seems a good fit for her.

Some PR-related decisions to make today. Pray for wisdom and grace.


*puts the Rocky theme on the stereo for Banzai*
You've inspired me...I'm going to bring my Terminator 2 soundrack to the office.

(inspiration and irony...how refreshing)