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Waking up

Though each Sunday is a work day, today promises to be a particularly full one. Morning has the usual service coordination responsibilities, with the additional wrinkles of a late quarterly schedule, daylight saving time, and the pastor's last sermon before sabbatical. I'm supposed to spend time this afternoon learning the contributions system and picking up other transitional loose ends (as well as doing the worship report and entering new data into the database); then Stephen Ministry class this evening (I plan to tell Dave that I'm not certain I can facilitate the Connecting discussion tonight).

I'm thankful to feel awake and even somewhat prepared for the day. Last night I felt very blah about working today, but now I feel ready to take it on. That's a gift.

Read in Revelation this morning. What a terrible, beautiful, mysterious book. It has been a strange companion to me in the past, yet I've not spent time with it for years.
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