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Lessons in handwriting kinesiology

As a right-hander, if I'm going to write with pen and paper, I shouldn't sit at a table pushed up against a wall on the right side. Wrote in my shared journal with CK and will send it back to him today (if I feel like it; if not, then it can wait).

This day is gorgeous, and I'm so very happy to be off. Should have showered before I headed out this morning-- I feel scruffy. I didn't want to miss the potential quiet of the early morning coffee house, however.

Galaxy Gold is still growing on me. I wonder how Tom is doing?


Everytime you say Galaxy Gold, I think of marijuana. You're going to have to tell me what it is, so I can stop with the image of you smoking a big joint. Unless it is marijuana, in which case I do not want to know.
It's the color the Space Needle has been repainted for it's 40th anniversary month (history of the color is here). Fear not.
Are you sure that's Galaxy Gold and not Traffic Cone Orange?
The high school class of my college suitemate (Mr. Big, the Rock and Roll Ninja-- Tomball, TX, Class of '88) selected safety orange as their "graduating class color."
What is a shared journal all about? I can make some guesses, but it's probably better if you tell me straight out without me making erroneous assumptions.
It was a journal in which one of us would write for a time, then send it to the other, who would read and write in it for a time. Now that you mention it, this was basically a precursor to the idea of LiveJournal. We were brilliant and didn't even know it.

Sadly, this and many other aspects of our friendship have since fallen by the wayside.