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Good Friday

Maundy Thursday service was powerful last night. Everything/one needed for it to run smoothly was also provided. I'd been left in the lurch a bit, in part due to my own poor planning, and had to do some scrambling for volunteers yesterday morning. I have so much trouble trusting God for these things, asking Him for what I need and believing that He will take care of me.

The Easter season is really affecting me. I find thankfulness, expetancy, and hope rising unbidden from my heart. It's like being opened up somehow, being awakened to God's love-- not just the general, theological, abstract kind of love, but realizing (in whatever small way) His deep, active love for me.

I'd love to knock off work early today, but I'd rather do what is needed in the office. I'll wait and see how the day unfolds. I have plans to take in some jazz (Diane Schuur) with Ann, Carol, and Carol's daughter tomorrow night, and the Millers want to host an Easter get-together Sunday afternoon. I'm less keen about this, suffering from tired flesh, yet something in me tells me to wait and see (part of that, however, is guilt from backing out from their seder last Saturday).

There's so much just under the surface of my thoughts and my heart-- good things not yet fully revealed.
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