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Snowflakes licked my face as I walked home. I licked them, too.

Heard a woman screaming. Looked to find her and saw that no one was with her. She continued to walk, determined, screaming all the way.

My parents have been married for 36 years today.


Happy anniversary to your parents!


Formerly lived in the Seattle area for 3 years...but moved back to my home state...I wanted to move the whole time I was there, and now think it wouldn't have been so bad to stay out there. I plan to keep the Sound as a place to vacation. We still have friends out there, so that's good...

Be God's!

Re: hello

Where is your home state?

Re: hello

I don't like to give away my whereabouts...protective of my family. I am from the mid-west....plains states...

(Beaker lives in my region)

Be God's!