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Day off has been blah. Slept through most of it. Think I'm a bit depressed. Tomorrow I have a boatload of work to do; at least it's payday. Not that I haven't already spent the check, but it's better than bouncing checks.

Been using the "Random" LJ link in hopes of finding something intriguing. That sure hasn't been the case.

Nate is ill so no CG again tonight. He cancelled late, though, so I'll likely need to be the bearer of bad news to those who show up at my door. Rebecca comes from Bothell-- I really hope she got the message.

Go away, world.


Most "random" journals I read tend to be pink-and-black, with flashing stars, swirly hearts, and pictures of Orlando Bloom all over the place (okay, I love the guy too, but the whole turn-your-LJ-into-a-shrine thing is creepy). Is it required that journals belong to giddy preteens in order to be found "randomly"?