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Home early

Staff Meeting adjourned early tonight. The solid core of our meetings was present (Abi, Connor, Meg, Winter and me-- almost the entire lineup of the infamous BRATPAC of two years past). Went to the Elysian and shared a pitcher of the Pandora's Bock (smooth); I also had the "Hot Babe" sandwich (the best name for a barbecued pork sandwich ever) for dinner.

The office was frenetic, as it usually is on the day of Session meetings. I was happy to go home. Though I'm cutting back on my television intake, I'm looking forward to being able to catch Becker, since I've not seen it this season. I am John Becker, in attitude, anyway.

Class facilitation went well yesterday. I miss teaching and am blessed by the opportunity to dip my toe in that pool again. Besides which, the Connecting material is more and more exciting to me. Again, transformational.

Quiet is good. Becker will be fun.

Oh, and happy birthday, slowpete. Hope you had a great one.
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