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Feeling like getting through the days has become some sort of endurance race (and I'm performing poorly). Birthday Sunday at the convention. Dominic Keating and John Billingsley were both funny and personable, and I've now begun an autographed Enterprise cast photo. Meg threw a surprise party for me Monday at her place. It was sparsely attended and not a surprise, but the thought was sweet. Tonight was my night off from people, but I need much, much more. It's not coming soon, I'm afraid-- I have plans for most of my off hours until this time next week.

Wrestling with some pretty heavy stuff in my life, but nothing I'm ready to write about. At least I'm wrestling instead of giving up and getting run over by the same truck again and again.

Thanks to all my LJ friends who sent well wishes by post, comment, or e-mail. Much appreciated, and I'm sorry I've been too overwhelmed to respond much.

Maybe up early enough for coffee time tomorrow? That would be nice.


Oh! I love parties! Wish I could have joined you guys. ;-)
:) It would have been fun, but on the fun index, Staff Meetings are usually better.
Do you have a wishlist, my dear? I wanted to get you a present. . .
I don't...guess I need to get me one of those, huh?

(you know, your comment made me realize that I didn't receive any birthday presents this year)
None?! Oh, we must fix this! Wish, and pronto, and I shall grant one of them.