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Why I don't have a mobile phone (Reason #78)

Seems like most mobile phone conversations I hear involve telling someone where you are. Most people aren't all that interested in where I am, unless they are with me, and then it's a moot point.


Happy Birthday

Hi have a great one. May God bless you during this year with all the belessing He has prommised you.

It was your birthday yesterday, wasn't it? Sorry, I only have use of a computer Mon-Fri. So Happy Belated Birthday from tiffj!!
I think it's just curiosity. When you call someone at home you already know where they are. When you call their cell, it's like you want to know where they are so you can create some meaning out of it. Or at least that's why I would. Sometimes I even just offer the information. Although I don't usually use my phone outside of the house lately.