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Convention notes: Friday

Up early today (6:20) to go prep for Intro class: setting up chairs, making coffee, buying fruit and donuts, and other miscellany. Took longer than I thought and got back home about 9:00. Had a bit over an hour to regroup, shower, and hop on the bus and begin my next Trek trek.

Yesterday was fun. Observations:
  • I saw a Borg-- voice and all. He startled the speakers.
  • Nana Visitor is amazingly energetic and charming, witha wonderful laugh.
  • Gates McFadden was witty and candid, and just a little loopy. Again, charming. She noted that Dr. Crusher's main love interests were a lamp and a slug, so Picard shouldn't be too flattered.
  • Chase Masterson, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, and Lolita Fatjo did a little "variety" show of skits (struggling with corded mics the whole time). "A" for effort.
  • Nichelle Nichols loves to sing and be inspirational; she's not as keen on answering the question asked or being brief. That's ok, though-- her telling of the first interracial kiss story was well worth the time. Even if you know a story, there's something about hearing it told, especially by both a witness and a master storyteller.
  • Something about the Creation Entertainment organizers strikes me as slick and smarmy: watching how they interact with volunteers, with one another, with attendees, and so on. Plus the fact that they sell everything for an arm and a leg; I suspect they'd gladly throw in their own gradmothers if the poor little old ladies had been signed by the original cast.
  • Gates autographed a photo for me; Nana, Chase, Max, Aron, and Lolita signed a baseball. Nana told me, "I have one of these, too." Everyone seemed a little brusque or rushed, but it was a long day and I came after a long line.
  • I caught myself staring at Chase's cleavage. Not good, but she kind of seems to go for that effect. It works (check the link if you don't believe me).
Shatner and Nimoy today.

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