Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Captain's log

Sitting in the lobby of the SeaTac Hilton Conference Center, waiting to buy tickets to my first Star Trek convention. Had no idea how early to arrive, but since I let the opportunity to buy tickets online slide by, I didn't want to add insult to injury by missing out here, too. My feet are soggy, but thankfully my iBook survived a short trip in the rain inside an unzipped backpack.

Even though I seem to have beaten the masses by a ways (seems to be mainly dealers and staff here now), everyone I've seen has been quite friendly. In fact, nearly everyone who walks by says hello or strikes up an impromptu conversation. May have to wait until 11 am to buy tickets, but I'm not moving from my stakeout next to the unstaffed registration table. I'll be able to schedule better if I ever do this again, but for now I'm sacrificing luxury for certainty.

Haven't written much because lately I've felt nothing but tired, tired, tired. No reason that I can discern; I just think I'm a bit in the dumps for some reason. People have been good to me in the season of my birthday, yet I just want to be alone sometimes rather than in the midst of a fuss. I don't let myself have peace in the few opportunities I have, but then I get frustrated that there aren't more opportunities.
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