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Overcoming One

"To him who overcomes..."
-Revelation 2, 3

Today, I thank God for presidents, and especially for the fact that for some reason their existence results in a day off for me today. I'm doing one or two work-related things, but no workaholism.

I want to want to overcome. To overcome means to participate with Christ in His overcoming, and to do this means repenting, repenting both of my badness and my goodness. Repenting means a change of heart, and that, too, is His work, done once and for all, yet done daily and continually.

I could dwell on why I don't have the desire to overcome, but I'm not sure any good comes from running down that blind alley. Is understanding the ins and outs of my black heart really the point? Probably not. The world has taught me to value insight and understanding over Truth. Insight and understanding can't save me, won't save me. He will, and I need Him to.

Recommended reading: Connecting by Larry Crabb. Transformational stuff; I'm about halfway through it.

What if something different happens in me today?

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