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TG and IF

Fridays are my favorites, except when I like another day better. Today, it's Fridays. Just got back from seeing the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players at Victrola with Connor, Kyle, and Winter; since I could see this time (aided by standing atop a chair), it was great fun.

I may talk (or write) a good game sometimes, but the fact is I am lazy in my faith. That's a conviction rather than a condemnation, a call to wake up, to seek, and to wait on the Lord. There's so much life to drink of, and I have settled for so very little. Thank You, Spirit, for making me thirsty.


Thank You, Spirit, for making me thirsty.
That's great. Who are the Trachtenbergs?
A father/daughter combo (he's 30-something on vocals and a Casio keyboard, she's about 6 on the drums and backup vocals) who play songs he's written about slides purchased at estate sales (think dead people, mostly) which are projected during each song. It's unreal.