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Valentine's indifference

Unbelievably gorgeous day in Seattle. You know, I don't really have thoughts one way or the other about Valentine's Day. Seems like everyone else does, so that base is thoroughly covered. Never had a valentine (except when they made everyone give everyone else valentines in a little shoebox in elementary school, perhaps as traning for writing vacuous platitudes like "good luck with the girls" in one another's yearbooks a few years later), but I'm glad people can enjoy the day together.

Caught up with a few e-mails, and I may swing by the office to send my paycheck off for deposit. I could wait until tomorrow, but it would help to have it in my account soon, and Monday is a holiday. Oh, I need to check and see if I have Monday off.

You may ask yourself, "How much more mundane could this be?" I know I am.