Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Getting back to it

Sorry the journal has been neglected so much lately. Haven't felt like writing much and there hasn't been much new to write. Once I get out of the groove of writing (or doing anything) regularly, getting back to it takes some effort. I'm fickle and I'm lazy.

My resume is out there on a couple of leads, which feels good. I rewrote it Saturday, since both my increased experience and the breadth of my search called for a new format. I dreaded doing it and put it off, but it was pretty simple once I was in the mood. And I have some good, employable qualities. In fact, I kick ass.

I'm steeling myself to go to a weekly church group tomorrow. That's another thing I haven't done in a while and have trouble getting back to. I go to church but haven't really been connected in community for a while. Tomorrow night will be devoted to prayer, and that compounds the effort. My spiritual life has been crappy of late, and I have trouble looking forward to praying with a group when I haven't really been praying on my own much at all. It's not guilt really, just distance from God. Illusion or real, I feel it, and illusion or real, I have to get up and walk through it.

That, or just break down and admit that I can't. I think that would do, too.

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