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Get moving

When I used the word "expedition" to describe my bus trip to pick up my replacement iBook battery, it turns out I wasn't kidding. After a promised connection failed to happen, I wandered about downtown for hours trying to figure out an alternative. That might sound frustrating, but it was actually great fun and I learned a lot about Seattle. The part I couldn't figure out was that the 24 (my bus) turned into the 137, so I spent all that time looking for a nonexistent route. Oddly, my gut told me the 137 would work, but I didn't trust it. Oh, well-- fun was had.

Having the new battery is nice, though it sound like it's a temporary fix based on a note from Apple (the battery they sent apparently isn't exactly the right one; they'll send the right one when they get it).

Wrestling with that lazy feeling again. It'll pass, but I'd have loved nothing better than to have been able to sleep in this morning. I'll play the afternoon by ear; I'll likely go to the office part of the time before Stephen Ministry class.

I need to use my time better: not for productivity, but for rest.

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