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Was so drained by the end of Friday that I stayed in and watched TNG on TNN. Not a result of any stress or awfulness at work; was just a tired guy. Honestly, it was a good way to spend an evening.

My stress and amusement of the evening was discovering that one spoke of the base to my swivel armchair was broken. Worked like some kind of contortionist to remove it, and it finally popped off and whacked me in the head (I have the bump on my forehead to prove it). No doubt this would have been terribly amusing to watch, and I was pretty amused doing it. Then called IKEA to see if they had another, only to find that it was discontinued. So I'll either need to find a welder who can fix it or just sit in the damn thing until it falls over. Since I haven't a clue where to find a welder who specializes in swivel chair bases, I'm currently pursuing the latter.

Later this morning I'm taking a bus expedition to the Airborne Express office to pick up my replacement iBook battery (finally!). No one to sign for it yesterday, so I'd have needed to wait until Monday otherwise-- no, thanks. Being able to run on batter power again will feel freeing.

A beautiful sunrise over the Cascades this morning. I saw the colors out my window and they stopped me in my tracks. I took a detour on my way to morning coffee simply to lean against a tree and look. When I experience things like that, it's not as much about about watching as it is about being in the presence of it. I look, but I don't just stare and see with my eyes. That makes no sense in the writing, but I know what I mean.

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