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Starting Sunday

Feels like a good day ahead. Sundays are the strange hybrid of workday and not that come of working for a church. Truthfully, I'm glad to be on the clock, because otherwise I struggle (more) with resentment when the inevitable questions, requests, and demands come my way each Sunday. This way, it's pretty easy for me to readjust my attitude. Perhaps these are the training wheels for true servanthood.

Stephen Ministry should also be good tonight; I really love my classmates. Haven't yet done the reading. Need to track down the book (Connecting by Larry Crabb).

I'd really like to learn to type, but I've neither the patience nor the discipline. I'm blazingly fast with two fingers, so making a mistake every third keystroke when I attempt to type "correctly" quickly causes me to throw in the towel.

So many relationships I need to put time/myself into, even if it's just a phone call or e-mail. expressedinword has inspired me, though he doesn't know it. Maybe I should tell him.

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