Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Semblance of order

Been working to (re)establish a sense of order in my home. Plowed through months of procrastinated financial recording and reconciling, which carries a feeling of wonderful relief-- though there's no cache of undiscovered treasure, neither is there a mass of unaccounted debt. The debts I've already accrued should keep my head nicely below water as it is.

Speaking of finances, I'm considering attending my first Star Trek convention. I'm fully aware that this would be the point at which I have to give up my amateur geek card for a professional one, but it might just be worth it. Last night I learned that there's a "Grand Slam" Convention (translation: lots of big stars) in Seattle on the weekend of my birthday later this month. It costs money I don't have, but it just seems too perfect to pass up.

Especially for the fellow geeks: Shatner and Nimoy? How cool is that?

Today I'll continue in the crusade for order, as long as it suits me. The bathroom and kitchen might just enjoy much-needed cleanings, and there are a couple of tall stacks of paper destined for newly-purchased file folders. When distraction presents opportunity, I'll likely take it. That's what a day off is for, right?

I need a bar table for two barstools I've had for almost two years in my kitchen. Looking for something modern and metal (and possibly glass, or wood if it's just right). I can't believe it's been so hard to find the right one. Any clues?

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