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Putting the "oom" in "oom-pah"

Another Friday night at Victrola: tonight I'm enjoying the 20's and 30's jazz stylings of Al Barnes & his Vintage Jazz Band. The house is again full to standing room; the tuba is particularly melodious and festive. Jen welcomed me, saying I'm not here enough and she needs to see me more. She could just want my business, I suppose, but I choose to feel appreciated.

Truth be told, I'm still a bit fuzzy-headed. Had some dinner as soon as I got home from work, took a nap soon after, and woke up around 7:20. Knowing things would be packed here by 8:00, I got myself in motion before my sleep fully subsided. Now that I've had my coffee, however, I'm soon likely to be more awake than I'd care to be.

Feeling a big burden on my heart out of the clear blue this evening. It started as I walked home and almost stopped me in my tracks. It's conviction, I think-- hard to describe or explain.

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