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The incomplete man

Pardon my snit, but sometimes I'm sick of Christian men's books (I was going to use the word "literature," but I just felt myself getting sicker) having so much of their focus on marriage and parenting. My resistance is largely self-centered: I'm almost 32 and still single, so I come away with the impression that the life I'm living is somehow inadequate, that I'm not fulfilling my destiny as a Christian man. And whether that's my lens or the author's, it's garbage. And whether it's self-centered or not, I get sick of it.

The Christian men's movement (Promise Keepers, etc.) comes off the same way to me at times, and though I've been richly blessed by some of it, this aspect just makes me more and more tired as I get older. I can't say with certainty that I believe anything needs to change; millions of people are fed by this application of God's word to their lives. I, however, am simply fed up.

(And trust me, my limited reading of books for Christian "singles"-- I hate that: "singles" and "marrieds"-- is no help at all.)

Thankfully, there are a million other things I can read. I'm just glad I didn't buy the book that set me off today.
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