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Learned this morning that the Hebrew word yachal can mean both "wait" and "hope." In the Psalms, the word "wait" appears 23 times (not to mention the times when yachal is translated as "hope"). Most of my struggles with God can be addressed this way, and I suspect I'm in the majority.

Am I waiting? Am I hoping? Am I exercising faith? So many of the questions I have of/about God aren't, "Why aren't you doing this?," but rather, "Why aren't you doing this now?" If I pay attention to the Word, my answer couldn't be more clear.

I don't think there would be so many exhortations to wait and hope if this came naturally. By His Spirit, I pray it would come more (super)naturally-- this is His work in me. To say "I will wait on the Lord" means letting go of so many, many things I've clung to, companions and idols that have shaped my life.

Having a good morning here; rose at 4:30 am. My sleep patterns change dramatically depending on the day and what I'm doing with it.



Thanks for this reminder. Sometimes I think waiting on the Lord is one of the most difficult things we are asked to do.

Patience. *sigh*
it's a pretty amazing concept.

and that in the waiting, there is that expectancy--

spanish is the same way- "esperar."