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E-mails written, chapters read, a few virtual dice games rolled-- now it's time to journal and take in the show. The journalling holds more promise, however, because the line of sight from the vantage point I secured two and a half hours ago is now obscured by an unexpected crowd. I've never been to a standing-room-only coffee shop.

Not that I know what the show is. I just wanted to be out a while, a decision that still feels good. The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, or something like that? Maybe I'll know what it is by the time I finish writing, or by the time I leave, or maybe by the time I arrive at home. They're over half an hour late, which almost certainly means they're a band. I've heard wind chimes, a snare drum, and the squeal of microphone feedback thus far.

No plans for my day off tomorrow, save looking forward to Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers.

OK, so it's performance art, songs written about slides that I can't see. Surreal doesn't even begin to capture this experience.