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The 'Book is back

As you can tell, I've continued to be less than motivated in my journaling of late. Thankfully, my iBook returned from the mother ship yesterday, so this should improve. Apparently the techs replaced the main board, which pleases me-- if I'm to have a debilitating problem covered by extended warranty, I want it to be major. I'm still doing a tweak here and there to bring it back to its former status, but things are good thus far. The repairs did nothing to address the battery life issue, however, so there are still hurdles to clear.

Happy it's my day off, even though I still have some work related tasks to accomplish. Got a raise, which is wonderful (I now only make $10,000 a year less than I did a year ago).

Community Group tonight: I'm now in a "looking forward to it" mood. Heather's joining our group adds something fresh, even though she is often quiet. There's a richness in her presence that doesn't require words.

Oh, I bounced my rent check. Never done that before. Check cleared before the deposit, and I need to work it out today.

The weather here is chillier than usual, such that I've actually turned on my heat. I do that maybe once or twice a year.

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