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Rest, a bit

Smoothest Sunday morning operationally in recent memory-- all volunteers showed or arranged replacements. I could be easily spoiled. Afterward was my nap, then a trip to Victrola. Among other reading, I read briefly from my old Quest Study Bible. It was oddly comforting; I may start reading from it again.

Watched "Broken Bow" again tonight, while doing laundry and random clean-up bits. Now I'm starting Gone in Sixty Seconds, but I can tell there's almost no way this will hold my attention. At 8:30 I may opt out to sample Justice League. Good times.



sundays, movies

You have interesting taste in films. I'm more of a Popeye cartoon person, myself.

I had a good Sunday, too, especially in church. My first day in choir, and I just took it easy and coasted softly in the back with the bass section.

I think I'm going to have to write the minister a letter, but I don't want to be too impulsive. He used the Matthew ch. 3 tesxt to analogize "Beauty and the Beast" and "Snow White"

He was trying to say we didn't need to worry about the person out there who was different -- who we thought might be poisonous. But then he said something about tolerating other religions as being legitimate traditions for their cultures.

I got confused and that always irritates me, especially on Sunday morning.

Sorry to dump this here, but I'm just looking to process it a little bit.

Peace, Florindo

Re: sundays, movies

This is where I dump things to process; you're welcome here.

From a couple of sentences, that does indeed sound like a confusing (and possibly erroneous) sermon.
Where ya been?