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Without my iBook, I've been much less diligent in my journalling. That's not all that's affected my writing this week; I've also felt a little lost and unmotivated. Maybe journalling would help me sort it out, and maybe that's why I've steered clear.

Anyway, some highlights:

Sunday: On the spur of the moment for Thai food with Matt, Connor, and Winter for Winter's birthday Sunday, then proceeded to The Royal Tenenbaums with Brownie and C-Dog. Good movie, good friends.

Monday: No sooner do I get home from Staff Meeting than I get a call from David announcing the birth of their son, Judah Crutial. Of course, I get my coat back on and walk the half a block from my place to the hospital where they are. He is huge, like a two-month old, and has Seattle-style sideburns. Stephanie describes the drugs as "warm and buttery." When a nurse comes to do mother/baby stuff, I take David and Cameron back to the Canterbury to buy Dave a congratulatory beer. I introduce him to Seana, who buys his dinner.

Tuesday: New Buffy with new Buffy haircut. Show needs help, though, and I hate the Buffy/Spike sex thing.

Wednesday: After staff (church staff this time), we go to another hospital to meet our Assistant Pastor's new son, Elijah David (born Tuesday night). I dodge the opportunity to hold him because it makes me nervous-- I'm always afraid I'll hold them wrong or drop them.

Thursday: Day off. Spent over an hour in the morning IMing with Christopher. Finally forced the issue of church to find that he doesn't think he believes anymore. I don't understand and it hurts. I tell him not to trade his birthright for soup. Later in the day I get a haircut (not Buffy-inspired), go to Victrola for the first time this week, and have Community Group in the evening.

Friday: Bad financial day-- I learn that I've bounced my rent check from a late deposit, I'm probably late with my credit card payment, and because of a copier glitch at the office, I have to spend $171 on copies for the Order of Worship (to be reimbursed, but still ouch). Have the chance to get together with Kyle tonight, whom I suspect is struggling similarly to Christopher, or to go to the movie at Victrola, or to chuck it all. No decision yet.

One of the high points of the week was to be missed by happy2beso. I was also apparently mentioned over the New Mexico airwaves by my old friend Kevin last week, and I think the new iMac is damn cool.

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