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Movies 2000

Movies I have watched this weekend:So in the beginning of 2002, I'm finally getting around to the movies of 2000. Typical.

(Late-breaking observation: A lot of crappy water-related things happened to people in the movies during 2000, and two of them happened to George Clooney.)


Be glad you don't watch movies for a living. I used to have to watch movies even when I knew they'd be rubbish. They always were as expected.
Because I know the star of Castaway is Wilson :-D and that Road Trip is not his style, I'm thinking that George Clooney must have been in The Perfect Storm? I started watching that last night on ABC as background noise for my workout, but found myself turning it off after 30 minutes. I wouldn't classify it as "creepy" based on those 30 minutes, but I realized that if I kept watching, the probability of me sleeping without nightmares would be high.

Oh, wait. Sorry, that's The Storm of the Century....