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I've the unshakeable feeling that I dreamed of being a father last night, but I can't remember anything.


Pray that it gets sorted out on "Maury" rather than by His Honor Jerry Springer.
It would be a bigger deal than that. My being a father at this point would require a complete rethinking of biological science.
ROFL I had an interesting conversation along those lines with my doctor back in August when I got extremely sick after sunburning myself. I took a very strong pain killer on an empty stomach, resulting in some fairly spectatular vomitting. I had to patiently explain to my doc that unless they changed the method, yes, I was quite sure I was not pregnant.
I read that as part of Marm Year-in-Review. A good sampler; I am continually intrigued.
Wow, you're... easily intrigued. Thanks!