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Winding down

Got home about half an hour ago from one of my longer work days. It was a busy day, which is good. I felt like I got accomplished and wasn't too overwhelmed by stacked up work from my vacation days (though the office e-mail inbox was a little daunting at first).

I think I either like to be completely occupied or completely left alone. Either let me be running, running, running or let me be a big ol' couch potato and not think about a damn thing. Just don't ever let me be bored without the option to just veg, because that drives me nuts.

Got e-mail from Mom; sounds like my sister is having a c-section on Thursday of this week. She's had some complications throughout (from having her first attempt at having artificial insemination get screwed up by the Mayo clinic onward), and the doctors think this will be the safest delivery method for her and the baby. One of the hard things about being so distant from home and family is that it's difficult to tell whether I'm hearing the full or accurate story of what's going on and how serious it is. I'll be praying for her and invite you to join me.

My stomach has the you-ran-yourself-too-hard-today queasies, so it might be tough to fall asleep. I like to have wind down time and that's a bit tougher when you work until 10. Tomorrow's is full, but much more normal.

Me, I doubt I'll be any more normal tomorrow.

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