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New year

Spent a significant amount of time (read= "too long") today wrestling with my iBook. Its sleep is FUBARed, which, all things considered, is better than mine being similarly affected. I'm reinitializing now, but I suspect it'll need to be taken in for repair. This is one time I'm glad to have purchased the extended warranty deal.

Laid-back New Year's Eve with Winter. Went to dinner at Bangkok on Fifteen (yummy!) then got a bottle of champagne and hung out here.

Can I get an extension on deep reflection on the year past and insightful resolution for the year to come? I've got bupkis right now, folks.


If I can get one, too. I couldn't even muster a post yesterday, and am not feeling optimistic about today.
Granted-- you just have to rub my head for good luck, or better yet, come to Vegas with me.
Sorry I disappeared on you last night. Hope the computer starts cooperating. =)
Me too. No apology necessary; I was too distracted and frustrated to be good company anyway.