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Mo' money

Remember this post about how I win things? Well, two weeks later, I find a package from E! containing a DVD of Made-- ironically, a Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn venture.

This brings to mind two thoughts:
1. I really should get a DVD player.
2. Who wants to go to Vegas with me now?


Well, about the Vegas thing...

Normally I'd jump up and wave my hand frantically and shout "ME! ME! ME! ME!" except the person in Vegas I want to see will be here on Wedensday. ^_^
Wayne Newton?

No, jchaos

If you go to Vegas I can probably hook you up with the big Paul Oakenfold Ministry of Sound party.

You're so money and you don't even know it.
The only good part in that movie is when they are trying to get in the club and that other guy gets in before them and they say, "What? Did you just let Screech in the club? That's Screech!"

Just my opinion. =)
If I get a DVD player, I'll let you know if I find other good parts. If not, I'm glad it's free!
Can I rub your head for luck? I never win squat.
Oh, don't tease.
Okay. *rumples Banzai's hair into a fair impersonation of Bart Simpson*
Vegas, baby, here we come!! Hah, the only impressions I have of Vegas come from watching Rat Race and Ocean's Eleven; other than those experience beside the TV, I have no clue....