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Sloth (love Chunk!)

Haven't decided what to do for New Year's Eve yet. There's a big bash at Roland's place downtown: Rockstar Crush is playing and The Boy is on the wheels of steel. The options of hanging at home or at the Canterbury are also appealing. No matter what, I'm planning to hang with Winter, who is back in town from Idaho.

Truth be told, I don't want to do a blessed thing today, including going to work. One doesn't get paid that way, unfortunately.


Doesn't that suck? I'm at work right now. I'd rather be at home watching The View and scratching my behind. But I gotta pay the bills right?
I know. I'm at work sucking down coffee, but not feeling much more motivated than before. Some days even the coffee doesn't do it...


It's not as bad as I make it sound. Work load is a little light but I would just rather be at home. At least I get tomorrow off.
Same deal here. It's just that feeling when it feels like a waste of time to be at work. But having tomorrow off makes it all ok.


Yes, yes it does.
*sigh* I know what you mean. But with deadlines raining down like... small drops of water... no choice but to at least trudge through some of it. *sigh, again*

I'm officially hanging out alone. NYE is one of the dumbest holidays ever.