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Getting back

I have this thing about having a title and picking a mood for every entry. I don't know why.

Christmas in Iowa was good; time with family well spent. Somehow I'm at a loss as to what to write about those days, as if I'm disconnected from them. Recounting events seems tiresome in this case. Perhaps I'll feel like writing more another time. I'm disappointed that I don't have more to say in this moment.

Returned a day later than planned because of a flight cancellation. Arrived at my apartment fifteen minutes before Community Group, which was small and fun. Today I had to squeeze two days of work into one, but it was surprisingly unstressful and smooth.

I feel like I'm stepping back into my life, lungs filled with the breath of gratitude. I love Seattle and my life here. It is rich and good. I'm settled with a cup of Earl Grey (in an Enterprise D china cup) and TNG on TNN (I hate the way the picture is slightly scrunched because of the bar along the bottom of the screen).

Good to catch up on LJ friends, though I haven't commented much (overwhelmed a bit). Also good to IM with happy2beso and to be encouraged to get off my tush and post by marm.

Actually, I'm still on said tush. Hope it counts.

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