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...and ransom captive Israel

Heavy heart. Didn't sit still in prayer this morning, then read about halfwaypretty's passing and expressedinword's mourning. Indescribably poigniant and sad. Something about this medium freezes a person's life in time, such that it seems that much more wrong when they die-- I remember feeling similarly when I found flashman's journal in September. I've known none of these people, yet feel their loss. It's not supposed to be this way. Shalom is violated, broken. O come, O come Emmanuel.

Going to Lord of the Rings with Nate, Tommy, and others today. Must confess that I haven't read the trilogy, to my shame. Maybe soon. marm, this may cost me the geek-off.

In my morning sadness, I also had the feeling of wanting someone to love. That feeling doesn't come too often (or I don't let it, or acknowledge it), but it is powerful when it does. My response ranges from crying out to sighing, "Oh, well..." Can't decide how to respond today.

They're installing new ventilation and heating at Victrola this morning. Funny how the installation guys can do all they're doing and still be more unobtrusive than a few of the other patrons on other mornings. Professionalism, I suppose.

Spoke with Christopher on AIM last night. Brief and surface-skipping; he dodged my question on their not attending church in seven months. I can be patient and told him as much.

I'd thought of taking my day off Friday, but now I'm thinking Thursday will be better. I just need a break. Rest is sometimes elusive even when I'm trying.

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