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Top down?

Does everyone in Los Angeles drive a convertible, or is that just on Angel?


Yes. Yes we do. Because we can. Have you ever seen "Repo Man?" That's LA to me. Or maybe "Pulp Fiction."
Ew, John Travolta
The Scientologists are plotting a takeover ogf Hollywood, thus the secessionist movement is funded.

Travolta, Beck, Tom Cruise.....all right next door to my official church. "Ew"indeed.


Beck is a scientologist?
Who wants to join a religion started by a guy who writes back science fiction?
...but The Boy in the Plastic Bubble still makes me cry.
Love Repo Man; been too long. Never saw Pulp Fiction. Enjoyed L.A. Confidential. And I was sure you drove one, even if no one else did.
Yes, they do. Of course, everyone in LA is in debt up to their eyeballs, so...
No, we pretty much all drive convertibles. :-D