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Peace, quiet, and spray starch

No matter what the rest of the week looks like, Sundays are usually pretty lazy. So when I've been off work since Wednesday, lazy could be an understatement. My ambitions today fell in two long-neglected categories:
1) E-mail
2) Ironing

One of my e-mails was to Long, an old friend and former RA. When it comes to character, Long is the absolute best. He is a man of great compassion and responsibility, almost to a fault. He worked with me for three years in Ellicott Hall at the University of Maryland, which at the time was an all-male, mostly freshman residence hall. The job wasn't easy, but Long stuck with it and did it with style. He soon became my right hand, my Number One.

I miss Long. Actually, I miss a lot of people from those Maryland days, but Long represents the very best of them. He's planning to return to the DC area after finishing his MBA at Michigan in Spring-- that's where his family is, and he is realizing that as much as he enjoys travelling, he values family more.

It's funny: I've thought of returning to the DC area as well, but for very different reasons. There's a firm that specializes in higher education data management software there, and I think I could be very hireable. Something like that could be a nice bridge to a different career and build some new skills. It would also put me near old friends. I love Seattle and I don't relish the idea of leaving, but renewing old friendships and starting new ones has a certain appeal.

Speaking of family, my sister is expecting any time now. I'll be an uncle for the first time, and I'm really excited for them. My folks have stopped travelling for a bit and are home in Iowa for the big arrival and afterward. I'd sure like to find a way to get home soon as well, especially since I didn't get to go home for Christmas this year.

Oh, and the ironing: two shirts, with a small burn on my left ring knuckle as the only casualty.

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