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Deck the halls with lights of geekdom

In my bag of remaining Christmas decorations, I found an unopened string of 140 Light In Motion Super Brite Lights. With speed control. And for some reason, my inner child and my inner geek just collaborated, planning and executing a scheme equal parts festive and frightening.

Originally I thought I'd hang them in my windows or something. But then impulse overrode judgment and I began stringing them across my apartment. Here are some of the highlights (pun intended only if you find yourself amused) of their path:
  • up beside a screen-used ma'staka (from the DS9 episode "You Are Cordially Invited...")
  • wrapped around a bat'leth
  • under a gold Enterprise-D model (saucer section autographed by eight Trek actors, including most TNG principals)
  • wrapped around a Kanar bottle
  • alongside a notebook of the type used as a carrying case for alien parasites in the TNG episode "Conspiracy"
  • in front of a tin Maquis sign ("A sword of freedom for the oppressed")
  • in front of my college graduation picture with the old gang
  • up the side of one bookcase and wrapped around a University of Houston Homecoming Court trophy (I had my BMOC glory days)
  • under my New Testament commentaries
  • around a high school drama trophy on top of a second bookcase
  • along a windowsill above a genuine Niners ballcap (from the DS9 episode "Take Me Out to the Holosuite")
  • around the edge of my video rack
  • ending on the shelf above the radiator, next to a Klingon violin from DS9
If you recognized most of these items, you're a geek, my friend (but you already know that). I'm still laughing out loud.
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