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Domestic bliss

Nice to have a weekend that feels like a weekend for both of us. barlow_girl has been working like mad until the end of this week on a work project that needed to launch, and once it did, we've had space to breathe a bit. Saw The Hunger Games on Friday, which was really enjoyable, then picked up a desk chair for Amy and paint for a couple of rooms. Morning meeting yesterday, then we spent much of the day assembling a bed and resettling into the upstairs "master suite"—where we'd always intended to be, but were thwarted on moving day in December when our box spring wouldn't go up the stairs (adaptive challenges seem to be the stuff of life). Here's a peek at the fruit of our labors:

It's been nice to finally get to some of this stuff together—since we moved, it seems like one or the other of us has usually been tugged in this direction or that, and when we've had time together, we've needed to spend it on other things. And for my part, this week has had too many of the same sad conversations with friends for my liking. Investing time in a bit of stability, even in ordinary domestic ways, is a real Godsend.
Tags: amy, friends, home, movies, struggle

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