Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
Maximillian Amadeus Banzai


Wound up back at Espresso Vivace for the first time in ages, waiting for the bank to open so I can get my workday rolling. One of the effects our move has had on me is a drive (pun intended) to get on the bus early, before it's just a ginormous mass of people and hassle. That's one of the things that really grinds on my nerves about the idea of a "traditional workday": we either all pile into busses and onto streets at the same time in order to do the very same work most of us could do anytime, anywhere, or we find some whackadoodle workaround like getting on the bus in the 6:00 hour. Thistles and thorns.

As with most challenges, adaptation is key to making the best of what we're dealt—a white velvet, a strawberry tart, and some time to read, write, and think goes a long way in that direction.

Work is project-y for both of us right now, with barlow_girl's being tons more pressure than mine. For my part, I'm pretty excited to help push forward lots of the stuff we're doing (a churchwide survey, a membership class, a men's retreat, the next quarter's volunteer schedule, and a bunch of back-end administrative odds and ends), so motivation isn't hard to find even when time is less abundant. We had to miss Community Group this week, which was a bummer, but it's good to have the gospel freedom of knowing we can—that our part is to be faithful, not to be responsible for making everything work.

There's a God in the universe, and I'm not Him. But He loves me—oh, how He loves me!
Tags: community group, faith, god, home, rowe, struggle, work

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