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Ever come face to face with a benchmark of your own self-involvement? I just did. I've been the sponsor of Elis Samuel, a fourth grader in the Dominican Republic, since May of 1999. In all that time, I haven't once written him a letter. Not once. I have a stack of the letters he's written to me; it's tall and full of love. Me, I just write the monthly check (and since automatic withdrawal, not even that). Every time I get a letter, I put "Write to Elis Samuel" on my to do list. And I never do it.

This time, I did it. Got a letter from him with a handmader paper Christmas ornament enclosed. His letter was very sweet as well, but this portion woke me up:
I want you to write me and send some pictures to know how you are and to meet you. Sometimes I feel sad because many of my friends from Compassion receive letters and pictures from their sponsors but not me. I hope in God you receive this letter and you write me back.
Nothing like breaking a kid's heart to drive a point home.

The letter is written and sealed, complete with pictures of me and my nephew (he-who-cannot-be-resisted). In addition to telling him about me and asking questions about his life, I apologized and asked him to forgive me. It's only right.

And the to-do list item, most recently from August, has at long last been crossed off. Thank you, Lord, for melting my selfish heart for a moment.

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