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Yesterday was largely eventless, which is what I'd like (and very well might need) more days to be. Beautiful springtime weather was a nice bonus, too. And while today is far more full, it's not looking as overfull as many Sundays can be, so this weekend may just turn out looking like a weekend all the way through.

Trying to be better about staying more clear of work email during the weekend when possible, so haven't sneaked a peek since mid-morning yesterday. Not that I believe there's some magical or sacred divide between work and personal life (they're all just life, and I only have one), but it's good, fruitful discipline to do things like that sometimes, rooted in the belief that God is sovereign and loves me whether I'm working or not. That belief is far more important than whatever action I take on it, and walking it out (like any matter of faith) is essential to it being a real part of my life.

barlow_girl was truly and deeply blessed yesterday by another woman from our church sharing a message God put on her heart for Amy. Love that God works that way, that He uses us in one another's lives, and that we can have the gospel-informed vulnerability and boldness to share and hear from one another. "Messages from God" can so often feel like trips to Wackytown or Guiltville, so both speaking and listening are big relational risks. But God is worth risking on, and He's good for it (and immeasurably more). We are both thankful.
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