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A snow day is just what the doctor ordered. Some doctor somewhere, anyway. Liz the barista is holding down the fort here at Diva Espresso, which gave me a chance to get out of the house and refill my coffee tank.

The snow is absolutely beautiful and gives everything a peacefulness that's rare in the city. Hustle and bustle just isn't as possible when the roads are bad, and I hope many folks are opting to stay off of them when they can.

For my part, I'm excited to catch up on a thing or two, both with work and around the home. I'm increasingly realizing that feeling "caught up" just plain isn't going to happen, short or long term—some redefinition is in order. I try going in too many directions and don't filter nearly enough. "Done" is both an illusion and a tyrannical master, and I don't want to be so tired from running after it all the time.


Snow Day + New Home = Nothing But WIN?
Indeed—we should just spend time stamping everything with our awesome new address stamp!
Ja ha. Yes!!

I remember our first time being snowed in after we'd moved to Louisville -- it was serendipitous -- Heather was off work, I was too, and Louisville got dumped on. We watched movies all day and drank hot chocolate.